Attends Stretch Pants Medium | Pack of 15

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  • Attends Stretch Pants are a range of soft incontinence pants designed to be worn with the Attends shaped pads to hold the pads in place. This provides a secure fit with minimum leakage.
  • The pants are suitable for users with light to heavy incontinence.
  • Attends Stretch Pants are made with soft elasticated material in order to provide outstanding comfort and provide the user with a feeling of freedom. A single seam is also included in the pants to ensure that the pad is correctly aligned and fitted as accurately as possible.
  • The pants are designed in white for extra discretion and subtly. Colour coded waistbands are also designed in the pads to make it easier to identify the size of your pants.
  • To find the ideal size of measure your hips and waist and select the larger of the two measurements.
  • Pack of 15
  • 70-100cm

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