Commercial Style Heavy Duty Drawstring Laundry Bag

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  • These Laundry Bags are made of heavy duty polyester allowing them to last longer than regular laundry bags. The Double Stitched Seams offer high strength. When not being used, they can be folded away, taking up almost no space.
  • The X-Large size (70cm wide and 101cm length) allows you to carry large amounts of laundry at one time.
  • Ideal for commercial use (in Nursing Homes, Hotels, Laundries, Holiday Cottages and other Hospitality Facilities) as well as use at home. Other than a laundry bag, it can also be used as a storage bag (for storing clothes, soft toys, inflatables etc).
  • OTHER FEATURES: Drawstring with a locking toggle. It has a carry handle on the base of the bag to make handling easier. Portable and lightweight.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: These Laundry Bags are machine washable at 95°C.

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