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1. A little About Us
2. What do we strive for?
3. Top 5 reasons why you should shop with us

1. A little About Us

We started out in early 2010, with stores on auction sites serving a limited range of hair care products from leading brands. In time, with more and more customers visiting our store and happy with our customer service, we received constant enquiries on whether we stock other care-related items. This inspired us to broaden our range of products - A range caring not only for your hair, but your skin, your baby, your health and well-being.

Yes, our customers were the source of our inspiration, and their need to shop for care products from under one roof led to the beginning of Care by Mail.

Now with a range of over 400 products satisfying every customer's required care need, our customer base continues to grow fast throughout the UK and in countries worldwide.

2. What do we strive for?

Delivering quality care products directly to your doorstep.

We take huge care in the choice of products that we stock, keeping in mind what's best for you, your baby or your general health and well-being. We constantly look toward improving our product range, delivery process and our product prices. We continually improve our site to ensure customers have an easy, safe and secure online shopping experience with us.

3. Top 5 reasons why you should shop with us:

1. Care by Mail - We aim to deliver quality care products directly to your doorstep
2. Quality of Products - We stock products only from leading brands to guarantee the best quality
3. Competitive Prices - We regularly review our prices to ensure we remain competitive in the market
4. Customer Service - We do our best to resolve all customer issues to ensure satisfaction and maintain a long-term relationship with you.
5. Safe and secure online shopping - Our site is easy to navigate and using a renowned payment gateway system, we guarantee you are secure to shop online.